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final reflection

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Michael Deutschmann
June 5, 2010
WRD 104
Final Reflection

When I came into college, I didn’t believe that I would have to take anymore writing classes. I’m planning to major in accounting and I believed that my writing skills were sufficient. Initially, I never really thought there would be a purpose for me to take two more writing classes. I have been taking writing classes since freshmen year of high school and I thought I knew just about everything that you needed to know. I can see why we are required to take writing classes, even if you major is accounting, because of the fact writing is an extremely important skill and almost every job require it.
When I started my first quarter of college the first class that I took was WRD 103. At first it seemed to move so slowly compared to my high school classes that I took. In WRD 103, I learned a lot about the process of writing. Back in high school we went rapid fire with papers. We had a paper due almost every other week. In 103 however, we took our time and I found it to be very beneficial. We wrote more than one draft and had numerous students edit them. The difference is that we didn’t just edit for grammatical errors, but it was more about the content. As a writer, I learned from this class to just take your time. Sometimes when I would revise, I would change things just to change things, but sometimes changing something won’t always make it better. Another aspect of writing that I learned was the importance of transitions. My papers in the beginning of the year always seemed that it didn’t flow. I thought it would be a very difficult problem to fix, but the use of transitions really improved the papers I wrote using them and it just made the papers flow much better. This class helped prepare me for other classes such as my American Religion and Philosophy class. The importance of stressing the editorial process helped me improve my writing as well.
After taking WRD 103, I now believed that I had just about learned everything that I could have learned. I took a step away from writing papers using the five paragraph method, used transitions more effectively, and I learned and developed the writing process. I really didn’t know what to expect in WRD 104. In the first couple of weeks in class, it seemed that we were doing pointless and monotonous activities. I didn’t really understand the point to doing them and how they would help my writing. Now when I look back at it, I can see the purpose of doing the activity about Tupac, The Girl with the Green Face, and the rhetorical précis’s. It was to prepare us for the research process that we would have to go through writing our two papers. In this class I learned even more than I did in WRD 103. I learned not only about the research process and becoming one’s own filter, but also how to write a business letter. The first letter that I wrote was very choppy and didn’t flow. It also had the wrong format, I am grateful that I learned this skill before I go out into the business world. I am glad that I know how to write one now because it will be a very important skill as I grow older and am looking for a career.
The most difficult part of this class was by far the research. I gained a whole new perspective about research. In past classes and assignments that required a research paper, I usually searched real quick using Google. I did this for the first paper that I wrote about, and it was not very well done. I used more sources that were considered popular. As I prepared for the next paper about the purpose of college, I began to spend a lot more time on my research and tried to find scholarly articles. When I used to research for a paper it would take me one or two days to find the information that I desired. For the college paper, it took me almost a week. I think that was the reason for a couple of factors. The topic was a difficult one and also the fact that I became a filter when looking up sources. I didn’t just settle for the first couple of websites that came up. I looked deeper into the sites background before using the site. I would look at many factors, from the URL of the site, to the author. I tried to figure out how bias the article and try to get inside the mind of the author, to see where he or she was coming from. Since I was semi-familiar with the topics that I wrote about, I could use my previous knowledge to also reason if a fact is actually true within an article. Once the research was done, the paper wrote itself.
When I went back to re-write my first paper, I tried to apply these skills listed above and I believe the paper came out a lot better. I tried to eliminate most of my opinion however, I did leave in a personal story that I believed could help develop one of the parts in my paper. The one idea that I learned that has stuck out especially the past couple of weeks is the importance of finding good sources. This may sound like a basic idea however; I never really believed this until this class. I used to think that you could find some decent sources and then cover it up by writing more about your personal experiences and opinions. After this class, I came to realization that finding good and reliable sources is actually harder than writing the paper itself. It sort of goes back to the idea of preparation that I also learned in WRD 103. In high school they focused more on how to write a paper by using introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. In WRD 103 and 104 I learned more about the preparation before actually writing paragraphs.
All in all, I believe that I took a lot away from this class, especially more than what I thought I would get out of the class. After taking WRD 103 I didn’t really know how much more I could actually learn in a writing class without it being a repeated idea. I think the freedom that was allowed to the students actually made the class more difficult. I always wanted a teacher to allow us to pick our own topics and decide our own assignments; however it was a lot harder than I thought. The freedom made assignments harder and made us think a lot more than past writing classes that I have taken. With that being said, it is more realistic and it is how life will be. I think having the freedom to decide how long an assignment helps the writer do what he wants and in the end the paper will probably be stronger.
This year I learned about the concept of becoming you own filter. With so many articles and sources available at the click of the button, it would see extremely easy to write and research for papers. That could be farther from the truth. So many websites are out in the World Wide Web with nobody fact checking them and filtering them. It is a problem that my parents and grandparents never had to run into because of the fact when they wrote, they used books. Authors of books are held to a larger responsibility. I actually found it very beneficial to use books to help me in my research. Not all of the answers and information that I was looking for were in books. That is when I used the DePaul databases to my advantage. It was a lot more difficult than I thought, but once you found a site you hit the jack pot.
With these articles it was usually filtered by someone else and you wouldn’t have to worry about where it came from. When writing my papers, I did use books and the DePaul databases, but I did use Google a couple of times. That is when I had to use the filter that I have developed during class and even throughout my entire life. I looked to see if an author was listed, if so check his or hers background, and if I had ever heard of the publication. When I came across a forum or blog I stayed away from it. Becoming a filter is one item that I don’t think I have perfected yet but with more practice I should be able to. It was the last skill of writing that I learned and probably the most important. I believe that my writing has developed more this year than any other year and that’s a good thing because I have quickly learned that college is all about writing papers.

research paper letter

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Michael Deutschmann
WRD 104
Research Paper
Business Letter

The reason why I chose this topic is the fact that I have a lot of interest with steroids and the legality of them. I have never personally taken them, but I have seen some of my own friends take them and the consequences that they have suffered.

Also, I have followed sports for many years, and it has constantly been a recurring topic within almost every sport from baseball to football, golf, and cycling. It made me wonder that if so many athletes are using them, they why don’t they just make them legal. After researching and writing this paper, I have seen why the government has banned this substance in the United States.

The research aspect of the paper was the hardest part, but not too hard because of the fact the issue of steroids is a very modern issue. People have many opinions on the topic and therefore it is hard to get a non biased answer.

Probably the easiest argument was the negative health effects because I had learned in high school about steroids and I was familiar with some of the effects. I found that using WebMD was an extremely useful source, one that even my mother uses when she works as a nurse at the hospital.

Overall, I am glad that I decided to re-write my paper and choose a slightly different topic because it seemed a little bit more professional. In the previous paper, it had a little too much opinion and some of the ideas that I brought up were hard to back. However, during the writing process for this paper, I found it easier and the sources were better.

Michael Deutschmann

new research paper

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Michael Deutschmann
WRD 104
Research Paper

Banned Juice: The Reason Why Steroids Are Illegal in America

Steroids have been a hot topic over the last couple of decades in America, mostly within the sports world. Great athletes such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have fallen greatly in the eyes of society because of them. They however, weren’t the only ones using steroids. Millions of people have used them over this same span in the United States. So if millions of people are using and many of those people are popular and talented athletes, then why are steroids illegal in the United States?
The history of steroids in the United States goes back almost twenty years (Credo Reference). Congress made anabolic steroids a controlled substance on February 27, 1991. They are considered a Schedule III controlled substance; other drugs in this category are substances that are known to have legitimate medical uses, as well as the potential for physical or psychological addiction (Justice). On the date the law was passed, everyone holding a supply of anabolic steroids was required to surrender it to Drug Enforcement Administration authorities or transfer it to a government approved distributor. With this law, not only did the use of steroids become illegal, but it changed the way that people who chose to still use them, could learn about them (Steroid Abuse). Steroids can be given to people with medical reasons; however without a doctor’s prescription for a medical condition, it is illegal. As stated earlier, it is against the law to possess steroids, but also it is illegal to sell or distribute them as well. Under federal law, first time simple possession of anabolic steroids carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. For first offense trafficking in steroids, the maximum penalty is five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Second offenses double this penalty (WebMD). In addition to these federal penalties, state laws also prohibit illegal anabolic steroid use, and there penalties will vary. Steroids are illegal and have these severe consequences because they are unsafe, unethical, and, are a gateway drug and addictive.
When you see a person who is “juiced,” or on steroids, usually it appears that they are healthy, mainly because of the way there muscles appear, however don’t let your eyes deceive you. The main reason why steroids are banned is because of the negative effects that it has on the body. They are illegal because many of their effects are adverse and they take hold quickly (Drug Abuse). They can cause tumors on the liver, jaundice, and high blood pressure. In the long term, they take a serious toll on the heart, raise “bad” cholesterol, which may result into a heart attack or stroke, and can increase the risk of blood clots. Adults however, aren’t the only ones using steroids. Almost two percent of all seniors in high school are using steroids according to NIDA. Use in teenagers and those who aren’t fully grown can have more serious health effects. In adolescence, steroids can have all of the effects stated earlier as well as a stunt growth. Men and women can have different side effects. In men, they may develop breasts, testicle shrinkage, become infertile and bald. In women, they may experience excessive face and body hair growth, reduced breast size, and also baldness (WebMD). Steroids have many negative physical side effects; however some of the most dangerous results of them are psychological.
Steroids can cause depression and violent mood swings. Some of these effects are referred to as “Roid Rage.” When I played high school football I knew at least ten teammates that were using steroids. For the most part, they used them so they could get stronger and quicker, and then there were planning on stop using them. They never planned for long term use; however once they stopped and saw their strength decreasing they became depressed. For the most part these ten or so kids on our team acted very violent. They would throw equipment or just lose it and go off on teammates in practice if something didn’t go the way that they wanted it to go. For the majority of the kids using steroids, they never were violent before they started their use. Some mood swings and depression can get so bad that it may even lead to suicide. The US government made it illegal so they could protect the American people, but especially to protect the children and teenagers who may be interested in taking steroids. Not only are there many negative effects on your health but using steroids are also unethical.
Doctors prescribe steroids for therapeutic use, but they are commonly abused by athletes and bodybuilders to improve performance. Taking a pill or injecting your body with something that can give you an advantage is considered cheating to most people. If steroids were legal, more people would be taking them. What message would that send to those who work as hard as they can by lifting, running, and eating right if they are beat out by someone who takes steroids. In sports it would almost have to be mandatory for you to take steroids in order to get to the next level of playing professional sports. Would that be something that people would want? Former NBA Star Charles Barkley once said “I’m not a role model… Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.” For most kids however, athletes are role models and what message would be sent to kids if all there sports heroes were using steroids when playing sports. It is unethical to think that steroids would improve sports because of the fact the players would be faster and stronger, in fact the games would just be fake. Not only would the games be artificial, but so would the people. Steroids take over not only a person’s body, but also their mind. The government needed to step in and make steroids illegal because like most drugs the side effects of it can affect more people than just the user alone. Another characteristic that it shares with commonly used and illegal drugs such as marijuana is that it can be used as a gateway drug.
A gateway drug is an addictive substance that is seen as relatively harmless by itself, but is believed to encourage the user to experiment with more harmful substances. Steroid use can start as early as eighth grade and can be highly addictive (NIDA). Steroids are taken orally or injected, typically in cycles rather than continuously. Users often combine several different types of steroids in an attempt to maximize their effectiveness, in a practice referred to as “stacking” (Ehow). Steroids can contribute to psychiatric dysfunction, lead to aggression, and cause paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability, delusions, and impaired judgment (Steroid Abuse). Like previously said, steroids cause depression and as a result some people tend to do more or abuse drugs when they are depressed. Also, steroids can become addicting. Users typically spend large amounts of time and money obtaining these drugs. A reason that leads to this is because people don’t get the right information and therefore are at a higher risk of using them improperly and unsafely. Most people that I know that used steroids had the intent to quit after the football season ended, but they are still currently using them because they have become addicted to the results and the way that their body looks.
An interesting characteristic about steroids is that they work and give positive results in the form of muscle growth. Steroids work and that is why they are so addicting and popular. Once a person can see how much stronger they have gotten and how much better they look on the outside, then it will be that much harder to quit. Just like any other drugs, there are many dealers who want to get a person hooked. Back home at my gym, I would work out after I got off of work around midnight. There would usually be a handful of people at the gym. In the back near the free weights there were always a couple of enormous men lifting that my friends and I referred to as “meat heads.” Every time I went back to that end of the gym to lift, they would offer me free steroids. They knew that once I took enough and looked bigger, then I would be hooked and want to buy more and more drugs. They would use the first couple pills as a gateway drug, and then I would get into the more serious and advanced drugs as time went on.
As you can see, steroids are an extremely rare type of drug because of the fact that it does have some positive consequences. With that being said, it has many more negative physical and mental side effects and is extremely addicting. The United States government made use of anabolic steroids, without a medical excuse, to be illegal in 1991 for several reasons, because of the dangerous effects that it has on the human body, it is unethical, and it can be used as a gateway drug and is addicting. Despite of all these reasons, there are some that still believe that it is their freedom and the government should stay out of their business when it comes to what they can and cannot put in their body. It should be interesting to see down the line in twenty or thirty years if those same people still have that same opinion after they see what happens to the bodies Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire.

Cover Letter

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This paper was a little more difficult to write than the previous paper because of the fact that there were so many answers and different opinions on the same topic and question. I interviewed a couple of my family members and friends to sort of get a feel of which direction I would go with the paper before I started to research it.

Once I figured out my perspective, the research wasn’t very difficult. I found a lot of success in finding books in the library and actually used three books to help my paper. There were many stats that were helpful for the paper however the problem that I ran into was that the books were a little outdated. That did help me see how far the importance of college has come. One of the books that I read was from the 1960s, and it was interesting reading what the author had to say compared to that of what is being said currently about college.

Once I figured out the research aspect of the paper, it was very easy from there. I combined my friends, family, and individual opinion into the paper but also included a surplus of opinions including those of several professors and heads of accounting firms. I wanted to tie in the accounting aspect of college because that is the reason why I am going to college and the main reason why I am attending DePaul.

My researched perspective was based around how important going to college and getting a degree is, especially in the field that I am interested in. I wanted to make it clear in my paper that you can’t have a career in accounting without going to college and that is one of the main purposes for me attending college. I discussed why it is so necessary and how college can help you get a job with the connections that it offers outside the classroom. That is something that I have seen become stressed so much when talking to people who hire for jobs.

Another aspect that I did want to talk about was how in college you learn about yourself. I have found this to be the case, and I found many websites that have said the same thing. I think the first year is the year where you learn the most about yourself because that is truly the first time that you are on your own. College Board was a very helpful site when covering this purpose of college.

In the end, the paper was very enjoyable to write because the topic was intriguing and challenged me to really thing a lot more than the other papers that I have wrote for previous writing classes.


            Michael Deutschmann

What is College For?

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A Very Expensive Piece of Paper: The Purpose of College

            About fifty years ago, when kids were at high school graduation, for a majority of them, it was the end of their education. They would go find a job out of school and build a career around what jobs that they like and what was available in the work force. Back then, for the overwhelming majority of students, college was a transitional period, rather than a career. Undergrads considered themselves transients on the way toward getting settled in life (The Handlin 6.). Today it is totally different. Since college is so expensive, the main business is earning a degree. A majority of high school graduates are going to college and there is a record of first generation college students (College Board). So what is the reason for that, and what is the point of these young adults on spending thousands of dollars on education, when their parents and grandparents did not have to. The main reason why is to get a degree.

            When asking my father what he believed the purpose of college was and why he was spending so much on college for me, he said without hesitation, to get a degree. I want to become an accountant, which requires at least a bachelor’s degree, and my father is a CPA accountant and understands the competition that has developed over time in order to get a job. According to the CPA Training Center, accounting degrees are required before you can become a CPA. There are numerous math and computer skills that you must perfect before going into this field and college is place where you must develop them. He has seen great accountants without a CPA look for jobs for over a year. The degree is the key in going to college and opens so many more windows for an individual, but is one of the most things that are overlooked.

            Aside from the part of getting a degree, college can open some doors and get you off on a head start in the job place. College offers students the opportunity to gain experience through summer or part-time internship programs conducted by public accounting or business firms (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Working as an intern or a part-time employer in an accounting firm while in school is another valuable tool in becoming an accountant. It is common for accounting firms to not only require a bachelor’s degree, but also work experience in an accounting environment when they hire an entry level accountant (The CPA Training Center). Not only can internships strengthen your resume, but it can also get your foot in the door to get a job. It is the first step in getting a job, at least when it comes to an accountant. Besides from the internships, college provides a surplus of clubs that have meetings with higher up people in many fields. It gives you such a unique experience to not only be taught by fellow people in your fields, but also to work with them (College Board). Internships and networking is key to anyone’s resume and can only be done by going to college, at least in the business field. It is such a complex field, that only college can offer the training and teaches the skills necessary for a student to move onto get a degree. At this age many people are still trying to find themselves and to develop an identity for who they are. They are trying to become an adult and more of an individual. 

I have come across many kids in college who have an undecided major. They have no idea what they want to be and are trying to figure that out by taking a variety of college classes. The problem with this is that they could have done the same thing in high school. Most high schools offer a variety of classes that are linked to a major in college. That is how I knew that I wanted to be an accountant. Some kids these days don’t think far ahead enough to start thinking about their careers until high school which according to my grandfather was rarely the case about fifty years ago.

According to educator, author, and PhD Katherine Hansen, there are five reasons why someone should go to college. The first reason is that it will make you more prosperous. Stated earlier in the paper was how much a degree can help a person find a job which will result in more money for that individual. The lifetime income of families headed by a person with a bachelor’s degree will make $1.6 million dollars more than a family who only has a high school diploma. An average 25 year old male makes an average of $29,000 a year more with a degree than without one. Every dollar spent on a young man’s college education produces $34.85 in lifetime income. Going to college is one of the best investments a person can make, and it also appreciates in value.

Another reason why people should go to college is because of the fact that college grads have a longer life span, economic stability, more continuing education, and less criminal activity compared to those who just have a high school diploma. Also, college is useful because it will give you power to change the world. You go to college to gain knowledge, and knowledge is power. Hansen says that that universities and colleges are among the best venues to gain knowledge and for cultivating change. It is in college where you see other perspectives from people who are different than yourself.

            The purpose of college is that it is something that you can pass onto your children. Studies have shown that if a person goes to college, there is a higher chance that your kids do as well. One reason for this is possibly because it is made a priority by the parent. This is because the parent who did attend college understands all that they took out of college and that because of this; they want to send their children there too. If there wasn’t a point to college and graduates didn’t get a whole lot of return on their investment into college, then we would not see an increase trend of them sending their children to college.

            The last purpose that Hanson points out as the purpose of college is that it will make you a major contributor to the nation. Going to college and getting an education is what separated the US to become the most powerful and successful country in the world. It just shows how college has become a cornerstone of public progress. People don’t want to be left behind and so they go to college to not only learn and develop their math, science, music, writing, etc. skills but also to learn about life and yourself.

            According to the College Board, the purpose of college is to express your thoughts clearly in speech and writing, grasp abstract theories and concepts, and to increase your understanding of the world and your community. Kids can do this by taking different types of classes, or by just meeting people that are different from them or from other places. College just opens your eyes and shows you what else is out in the world compared to the small amount of things that you were exposed to in high school. For those who believe that college is the time when kids start to live on their own and develop more responsibility. That is true. I have learned many things about living on my own and out of my house during college. I have been exposed to so much and learned about myself in so many ways within this past year. I believe that over these past nine months or so, it has been the most change and development that I have had in my short life, and after talking with my friends that opinion is also shared.

            As you can see, college wasn’t always a priority a couple of decades ago, but it has been made a priority today. It is considered one of the best investments that you can make because of the education, the connections, and the life lessons that it gives a person all in four years. Students do not only learn about math and writing, but they also learn about themselves. The times have changed and now college is becoming almost a mandatory life step because of these reasons. The relationship between college and success will become more and more significant in our global world. Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan is quoted as saying “We must ensure that our whole population receives an education that will allow full and continuing participation in this dynamic period of American economic history… without college, you may left be out.” Parents don’t want there to be left out of this experience and that is why rates of people attending college is at an all time high.


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Present: Why are steroids banned in the United States, and what is penalty for using them?
Describe: Initially the question that I was wondering is why Major League Baseball players are not allowed to use steroids. When a majority of baseball players used steroids in what is later being called the “Steroid Era,” the attendance numbers for the games were at an all time high and baseball seemed better. When all the players were caught, many people became outraged because there use hurt the integrity of the game. I wondered that if everyone used steroids, which it seemed like they did, wasn’t the playing table very fair. It could not be the lack of integrity that made these drugs banned in the MLB. Then I realized the reason was because it is illegal to use them in the United States if you do not have a medical purpose. Then it dawned upon me that if cigarettes and alcohol are legal then why are steroids illegal. Steroids affect only your body and unlike the two products listed above, can actually have some short term success. I am not saying that I would use steroids in my lifetime, but I found it interesting why someone who wants to become stronger and faster, with the help of steroids, is not allowed to do so within the borders of the United States. I also am interested by the penalty if you do get caught using them. I know a lot of kids who were on my football team and baseball team that used steroids in high school, and I never remember them ever getting caught. I am not sure who is assigned to enforce the rule, but I have never personally heard of anyone ever getting caught or going to jail as a result of steroids, unless they use to play professional sports.
Discuss: I believe that this research topic is relevant to everyone because it will show how our freedom is limited by the government, and might lead us to conclude with products are next to get banned. This topic is especially relevant towards athletes because most athletes know at least one person that has used steroids. Personally, I have always wondered what if I ever used steroids and what would be the positives and negatives. Obviously when a product is banned in a country, there are a lot of negatives with a certain product. I believe that this question is important because it is a great example that we don’t have a ton of freedom like the government wants us to believe. I find it very interesting why a good would be banned if the only effects it has is on the individual, and those effects are good in the short run but not so good in the long run. I think everyone can relate to feeling like they are restricted to do something because of the law at hand, and this is just another example of that.
1) Black , Terry. “Does the Ban on Drugs in Sport Improve Societal Welfare?.” SAGE (1996): n. pag. Web. 24 Apr 2010. .
The article suggests the two reasons that justify the reason of banning steroids in sports. These may be the same reasons why they are illegal in the United States as well.
He briefly discusses the issue of a fair game, but then gets into the health risks and effects that steroids have. The ban protects those who want the edge from numerous health problems further into their life.
The purpose of the article is to remind the reader that steroids can have serious health issues and that the ban not only makes sports better but also society a better place as well.
The article seems to be intended towards an audience interested in steroids in sports, and the health risks.
2) Bergman, Roy. “The Use and Abuse of Anabolic Steroids in Olympic-Caliber Athletes.” Current Orthopaedic Practice (1985): n. pag. Web. 26 Apr 2010. .
This article implies that not only steroids are bad for you, but they can also become extremely addicting and a large use can become extremely deadly for your health.
When discussing the problem of addiction with steroids, he brings up and uses examples of Olympic athletes and how they were addicted to steroids and that they would begin to up their dosages to a high amount.
The purpose of this article is to show that steroids do not only cause physical problems, but also mental problems. Shows just like any other drug, steroids are very addicting.
The intended audience is anyone that is considering using steroids, and it seems that it is trying to scare people away from them.
3) “Drugs, Athletes, and Sports – Should Steroids be Banned.” 123HelpMe.com. 26 Apr 2010
In this article the author writes about the idea behind banning steroids, and how one of the big reasons behind it is to protect younger teens and adults.
The author develops his argument by using examples of several young people, and makes the comparison of steroids to other illegal drugs like marijuana.
The purpose of the article is to show that we don’t have a ton of research about steroids, but what we do have should be enough and that the lack of official research is no reason to allow the legal existence of steroids in our society.
The article is written more towards law makers and parents showing them numerous reasons why steroids should be banned in society.